No need to introduce the GoPro cameras, famous for the number of « extreme » webcast videos GoPro has become almost a synonym for mini cameras and the press talking about GoPro camera type when some jihadist attacks, when the perpetrators wore to record images of their mischief.

Founded in 2003 by Nick Woodman, a

If the most professional filmmakers use « paws », fans and other aspiring videographers were quickly thrown on these small little fragile boxes (no mechanical optical above) with many accessories that allow them to fly, jump or dive with their owner.

Some anecdotes or pictures unusual did the rest. But the challengers begin to point the nose on this segment (see Focus below).

So GoPro must innovate to maintain its leadership. Not so far, the American brand also offered software free download montage, a mobile application also emerged, a remote …

GoPro has an IPO with the SEC, the U.S. market regulator to-date file. According to it, the camera manufacturer should issue 17.8 million shares at an issue between 21 dollars and 24 dollars price, hoping to reach a valuation of nearly $ 3 billion for a fundraiser 427 million.

Since 2011, the company has hired more than 669 employees. She recorded 985.7 million dollars in sales in 2013, against $ 526 million in 2012.


985.7 million dollars in sales in 2013: 35% margin

 139% of R & D spending a year

 57 patents held 80 requested


5 Challengers

Garmin Virb


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