You’re Welcome !

I share on my blog and on social networks different favorites, mood and interests.

My training and my professional background gave me a solid foundation that transpired in my interest for communication and marketing than in management.

In communication, I like to test and share these experiences. The tools, the windows, the blogs and others that look much more like battlefields than windows, I try nevertheless to use it to share opinions, advice or discoveries.

In terms of management, I develop a Start-up project, I am very open to new management techniques, new business models and the impact of technologies on what we undertake and on our everyday life. When I make a discovery to the material, I like to share it.

Always in the logic of this exchange, I have recently supported dozens of projects that the Arebs accompanies through their approaches.

Attention ... due to a lack of time, it is Google translation which translates my texts from French into English. You will excuse some approximations

If I can be of any use to you, do not hesitate to contact me, I try to answer as soon as possible.

Finally, my hobbies, passions and heart strokes have been the subject of a crossing of a photo, a recipe or a travel narrative. Looking forward to crossing virtual spaces or real life!
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